The saddle has a unique stepped tip to tail profile with a high tail that positions the rider right in the sweet spot for proper weight distribution on the sit bones. AIKATE Bike Saddle. I highly recommend this saddle if you have a triathlon or time trial bike or have aero bars on your road bike. My bike is somewhere in the middle, so I wasnt sure if it woukd work or not. Please bear in mind that these weights represent only the model tested. It features a classic road bike shape with just enough cushion for supreme comfort, yet stiffness to maximize performance. GearLab is reader-supported. A slightly cradled shape that rises gently toward the tail provides a comfortable and supportive platform, with medium density padding and shallow anatomical groove and "Comfort Zone" cutout in the shell to reduce pressure in the center. Comfort is achieved in different ways and is definitely subjective in nature. Let us know! Fickle mountain weather also provided an array of weather conditions, from spring rains and snow showers to hot sunny days and everything in between. Long rides, short rides, the right mountain bike saddle can make all the difference in the world and the Specialized Phenom Comp is one of our favorites. The result of this innovative design is the lightest saddle in our test, weighing in at 202g with the included anti-slip pads, and a featherlight 178g when used without. In general, most models offer a similar level of durability assuming you never crash. It provides a high degree of comfort that starts with a proper fit, and SQlab will even send you a fit kit to measure your sit bones, so you get the correct width, it comes in 4 sizes. It has a no-frills design with a stiff and uncompromising shell that allows for excellent power transfer. The right saddle makes the bike feel more like an extension of your body instead of a contraption that you are perched on top of. One thing that seems clear is that this saddle is best for a more upright riding position. In the end, three of our award-winning saddles, The Tioga Undercover Stratum, WTB Koda Team, and the Tioga Spyder Outland, basically tied for top honors in the Weight metric at 203g and 202g respectively. We loved it, but it may not be for everyone. Certain models are better for enduro, shuttles, or downhilling, while others are great for absolutely everything. Whether you're a casual rider or a hardcore racer, there's a mountain bike saddle to suit your needs and budget. One of the three points on the bike that makes contact... Do you need a new rack to haul around your shiny new... Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Men of 2020. Each saddle was taken on all types of rides from backyard laps to all-day backcountry epics. The saddle was designed for this and helps relieve any discomfort you might have experience with different saddles. The Ergon SM Pro proved itself to be a versatile performer. Its also got a generous channel in the center for relief on the perineal area, and an extra-wide and flat nose that feels great when you need to get your weight forward on steep climbs. Another of our top saddles in the performance metric is the WTB Volt Race, a long-standing model in their saddle range. In the market for a new mountain bike for trail riding... We rode the best mountain bike pedals side-by-side to help... WTB Volt Race, a long-standing model in their saddle range, SDG Circuit Ti-Alloy also scored well for durability, the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Lightweight, unique suspended feel, comfortable, versatile, Comfortable, versatile, reasonably priced. The WTB Volt Race was no slouch in the comfort department and costs less than half as much as most of its competition. In cycling, everything is subject to weight scrutiny, and saddles are no exception; in general, lighter is considered better. Made with silicone gel for maximum comfort, ... Gear Outdoors outdoors. On the trail, this saddle performed well, with a narrow width and tapered tail that provided excellent freedom of movement. Are you looking for the best mountain bike saddle? BWBIKE Wide Soft Flexible Bike Seat Cushion Shockproof Design Big Bum Extra Comfort Bike Saddle Fits MTB Mountain Bike,Folding Bike,Road Bike,Spinning Bike, Exercise Bikes 4.7 out of 5 stars 850 £23.89 £ 23 . It also seems highly durable with the Ti-Alloy rails molded into the bottom of the shell, and a kevlar reinforced tail to protect it during crashes. Whether he's putting test gear through its paces or training for his next event, Benson spends between 12-20 hours a week in the saddle throughout the season. The saddle needs to provide sufficient support to support your body whether you are riding 20 miles or doing a century ride. Finding the right model can dramatically improve your experience on the bike. We were also pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Fabric Scoop Race Shallow. One important factor in the overall comfort of any saddle is the fit, so be sure to get the appropriate width for your sit bones, seriously. The Specialized Phenom Comp took top honors in this metric. Both of the WTB saddles in our test selection, the Volt Race and the Koda Team, have the same microfiber seat material with a protective layer of abrasion resistant material stitched on the outer parts of the tail on both sides. Testing the Scoop Race Shallow on a lovely spring day. Looking for the best clipless mountain bike shoes to suit... Best Mountain Bike Flat Pedal Shoes for Men. The Specialized Phenom Comp remains one of our highest rated models for comfort, with an excellent shape and a full anatomical cutout, though it has a somewhat less forgiving stiff shell. The Tioga Spyder Outland is an attention-grabbing and unique looking mountain bike saddle. Ergonomics, comfortable, available in multiple widths, Active technology, Lightweight, unique design, suspended feel, A killer combination of comfort, performance, and versatility in a lightweight package, One of our favorite models, this saddle is comfortable, versatile, and reasonably priced, This is the most ergonomically advanced saddle we've ever seen, If you like a narrower saddle, this unique looking model is a lightweight and comfortable option, Lightweight and incredibly comfortable, this saddle was designed for women but works great for men too. It isn't the least expensive model we tested, but this reasonably priced competitor is an incredible value considering the level of comfort and performance it delivers. The SQlab Ergowave Active has a similar kevlar reinforcement that wraps entirely around its tail. 99 CDN$27.99 CDN$27.99 A saddle is an easy, and often a less expensive, place to make some weight savings. Its moderate width and tapered tail allows for great and natural freedom of movement, but the flatter profile tends to put a little more pressure in places than testers would have liked. The Undercover Stratum impressed our testers with it's out of the box comfort that was great for any type or length of ride. The most common places for your bike saddle to impact the ground in the event of a crash is on the wings or the tail, and the highest scoring saddles in our durability metric have abrasion resistant materials sewn in to protect them from potential damage. The Koda Team was designed for women, but it turns out that it's excellent for men as well. Your saddle is one of the most important components on your bike, shop Halfords complete range of saddles, seats and posts. Beyond weighing each model and examining its shape and construction, the majority of our testing was done in the field while mountain biking. Testers agreed that it was a well-rounded saddle that would be at home in virtually all riding situations. Having the wrong bicycle saddle for your proportions and body type can lead to discomfort and numbness if the blood flow to your pelvic region becomes constricted, and that can be dangerous if it isn't corrected. The Oozy 220 is a comfortable and reasonably priced mountain bike saddle from Spank Industries. It has a generally classic shape, though with an extra wide nose that feels great when you get your weight forward on steeper climbs. The only issue is that this type of saddle is not firm enough to provide support. We were very impressed with the design, comfort, and performance of this saddle. There is seemingly no cycling application where this saddle wouldn't be a great fit. Getting the appropriate width saddle makes all the difference in the world. We researched over 50 models and purchased 13 to test and compare side by side. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. This width won't work for everyone, but if you have narrow sit bones or prefer a narrower saddle, then this could be a good option for you. Shop for Bike saddle in Outdoors & Sports, offers Bike saddle in Outdoors & Sports. The SDG Circuit Ti-Alloy also scored well for durability due to its microfiber top and kevlar reinforced sides that wrap from the tail of the saddle almost to the nose on both sides. Additionally, the low-friction synthetic cover material combines with the snag-free shape to allow for unobstructed freedom of movement. SQlab put a lot of thought into the design of their saddles and that is evident in the comfort that the 611 Ergowave Active provides. £45.58 to £53.18. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. The more comfortable you are the longer you can stay out and enjoy beautiful days like this. Shop for the best sporting goods and outdoor equipment for camping, hiking, cycling, fishing and swimming, we also offer all kinds of survival gear at unbeatable … There's no substitute for a comfortable mountain bike saddle. The medium density padding feels just right and stays comfortable on any length ride. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Testers liked virtually everything about this saddle, starting with its high degree of comfort which is a result of its great shape and unique Spyderweb shell design. Some saddles proved themselves to be more versatile than others, however, and are much more than one trick ponies. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. The wealth of trails in the greater Lake Tahoe area, as well as some time spent in the desert southwest, provided a diverse assortment of trail types and conditions to put these saddles through their paces. Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. While we loved the Undercover Stratum for its impressive comfort, performance, and lightweight, some riders who enjoy a super stiff shell may find the flex of this saddle to be a little on the soft side. At OutdoorGearLab it is our goal to find the best and highest performing products in any given test. XQL Bike Saddle Bag, Bike Seat Bag Bicycle Saddle Bag Waterproof Bicycle Tool Bag Bike Frame Pouch Cycling Back Seat Storage Bag 16 in 1 Multifunctional Bike Repair Tool Kits for Outdoor Cycling XQL CDN$24.99 CDN$ 24 . Our biggest concern with the Oozy 220 saddle is its weight. Getting one that fits you right, performs well and meets your budget is significant. Free postage. Everything about the SQlab 611 is designed with enhancing rider comfort. The abrasion resistant material on the tail of the Volt Race. The shell allows for a bit more flex than many of the stiffer saddles in this review and provides a little more dampening of vibration than most, plus it's topped with a thin layer of their Bio X-Pad cushioning, a synthetic cover, and has a pressure relief cutout for additional comfort. This saddle has softer padding than our other top performing saddles, which could reduce pedaling efficiency slightly, although we were too comfortable to notice. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Torpedo7 online sports shop, New Zealand's largest mountain bike, road bike and cycling shop. Our bike saddle review is led by Jeremy Benson, our Senior Mountain Bike Review Editor. Riders with narrow sit bones or who prefer a narrower saddle will probably want to look elsewhere, as will riders who prefer a stiffer and less cushy platform. The WTB Speed saddle features an ideal blend of supportive yet comfortable padding, middle-of-the-road dimensions that fit most riders, and an amazingly low price in … Its short length, medium width, softer padding, slightly cradled shape, and anatomical depression made it a tester favorite, a saddle that everyone wanted to keep. In the end, the most comfortable saddle in our test wasthe WTB Koda Team. All the lines on this saddle are smooth, giving it an almost pill-like appearance. Let our buyer's guide for all price points steer you in the right direction. The same goes for the Ergon SM Pro, while it isn't quite as stiff it has a great design that optimizes power transfer while climbing and seemingly disappears on the descents. Another element of durability is stitching, as exposed stitches are prone to wear over time, even from the friction of your shorts while pedaling. The wings of the saddle have pressure zone contours that do a wonderful job of cradling the sit bones, and a little rise in the tail gives added support and helps to keep you in the sweet spot. £5.69 to £7.59. It was quite comfortable for long days in the saddle, with a nice shape that is well suited to all mountain biking disciplines. Beyond that, we found little not to like about this reasonably priced saddle. The Tioga Undercover Stratum is a newcomer to our mountain bike saddle test and quickly rose to the top of our competitive field. Not only is the Volt Race a good value, but its also very comfortable, with a classic design that has stood the test of time. This is a unique saddle constructed from a carbonite skeleton that's covered in a softer webbed material. From a comfort standpoint, a mountain bike saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment on your bike and can dramatically improve your everyday riding experience. Order for free click & collect. It's also only available in one width, and while we found it to be supremely comfortable, it might not be ideal for everyone. It's also impressively lightweight, tipping the scales at just 202g it's one of the lightest models we tested. The Tioga Spyder Outland edges out the others, however, because it can be used bare bones without the addition of the Anti-Slip padding at a shockingly low weight of 178g.

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